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Steve in Minnesota

“After the sad and unexpected loss of my sister, I then had the responsibility of closing out her estate. Since I live in Minnesota, and she lived in Mesa, AZ, I knew I was going to have many challenges because of how far away I was. Then I met the guys at AZ BIO and began to feel that special level of trust that I knew I could count on them from 3000 miles away. They did all the cleaning, re-carpeting, re-painting and everything needed to get the house ready for sale.They even assisted with getting many items donated to charities so we didn’t have to move them around. I will always highly recommend Joe and his company. They were wonderful to work with. Thanks, guys!


“I am deeply thankful for the expert, thorough cleaning at my home, and the kindnesses and consideration showed by the owner, Joseph while I was critically ill in the hospital. This service is invaluable. Thank you!”

Richard & Mary

“Very understanding and willing to work with us. They came on time and explained everything that would be done. Removed what had to be removed. Very clean and neat. We would call if needed again.”


“During a difficult time in my life, losing a loved one, I needed a service done to my home immediately. A family member located the telephone number of AZ BIO in the phonebook. With the first call, they were there on the spot. They did not hesitate as to when they could start the job; the process started that same day. No matter how long the job took, they were there until it was finished. They were very professional with their work and dealing with (us) as a customer. It even felt like a family member taking care of you to ease the pain a little. Once the job was completed, they made sure we felt comfortable and I would like to thank AZ BIO again for a job well done!!!”


“I would always recommend AZ BIO for their trauma clean-up services, professionally provided in the most extreme emotional circumstances. They were efficient, proficient, and went beyond the call of duty in their concern for my well-being.”


“Thanks again for all that AZ BIO did to get Dolores’ property back in order. All the best to you in the future.”

Peter and Doris

“We received prompt and thorough work from AZ BIO when we were in need of assistance. They worked efficiently with little or no disruption to family members.”

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