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Joe’s AZ Bio started out 16 years ago after Joe experienced a traumatic loss with a loved one close to him. After finding that there was a disconnect between the police leaving the scene and the lack of information on who to call for help after, he felt it in his heart to create a company that could do just that; bridge the gap. With that goal, he cultivated a biohazard cleanup company that not only remediates on an industry level, but also honestly educates while providing beneficial resources that will help in the recovery process.

Professional Affiliations & Licensing

  • Licensed with the Arizona Dept of Environmental Quality
  • Licensed with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors
  • Liability insurance to $5,000,000
  • Licensed with Maricopa County
  • Bonded to $50,000
  • Certified trained in Bloodborne Pathogens by OSHA
  • Certified trained in Crime Scene Cleanup by Amdecon
  • Member of the Better Business Bureau (“A+” rating)

Joe’s AZ Bio Management Team

Joseph “Joe” Trasser, Director of Operations/Partner

Joe is the owner of Joe’s AZ Bio. He co-owned with a partner for the first 14 years and has been running the company on his own for the past 3 years. Prior to that, he worked in the insurance industry for 17 years. His knowledge in the two career paths really paved the foundation for our success. He’s passionate, dedicated, and has strong morals and values.

Joe goes above and beyond in everything that he does. Whether it be putting in long work weeks, ensuring that all around him are taken care of, or lending a hand when needed, he’s always there with a smiling face, ready to help.

Joe is a Wisconsin native, with a love of football that runs deep in his veins. He is also an avid runner, hiker, camper, and a community builder.

Marty DerbySenior Field Manager

Marty has been a trained biohazard technician with Joe’s AZ Bio for 16 years. He is quite literally the best at what he does. His attention to detail, high expectations for his work, efficiency, and reliability are just a few of the great qualities that he possesses. He also has a witty sense of humor and loves a good prank.

Marty is technology wiz, and extremely athletic.

Robert RaimondiOperations Manager

Robert has been a trained biohazard technician with Joe’s AZ Bio for 6 years now. As the operations manager, he’s the mastermind behind our behind the scenes and onsite prep and organization. He keeps everything OSHA compliant, and as someone who is responsible and reliable is perfect for the job. His prior experience was 15 year of onsite property management experience, overseeing maintenance and upkeep tasks. Like Marty he also has high expectations for his work, and it shows in everything that he does.

Robert is from the Pittsburgh area but was raised in Tucson, with a love for sports (specifically football).

Gabby TrasserOffice Manager

Gabby is the office manager for Joe’s AZ Bio. She started out working for Joe’s AZ Bio 4 years ago as an admin assistant while she was finishing her bachelor’s degree in business. After graduating, she moved on to a position at a fast-growing company where she quickly rose to be the General Manager. She found her way back to Joe’s AZ Bio where she focuses on the paperwork side of things and dapples in some marketing. She has an inquisitive mind and loves to learn in any way that she can.

Gabby was born and raised in Arizona. She loves weightlifting and cooking. She’s also Joe’s daughter.

A Message From Our Owner

As licensed professionals in biohazard contamination cleanup, we are here to help you with all of your cleaning needs.

Our other biohazard cleanup specialties include crime scene cleanup, homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup, decomposition cleanup, blood cleanup, infectious disease cleanup, hoarding cleanup, bacteria testing, and restorations.

When the unexpected happens, we are trained and experienced to know how to respond!

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