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Welcome to the blog of Az-Bio Cleanup & Restoration and Joe Trasser. 


I will be posting up interesting and informative articles on a regular basis on all types of cleaning, Biohazard, Crime Scene, Infectious Disease, Blood, Unattended Death and Suicide Cleanup.

Aftermath of A Suicide

“Aftermath of A Suicide” Is a blog post by AZ-BIO about the sad realities of suicide in our country today and who this epidemic is effecting. Its not just family members that it effects but also those that have to do the cleanup after one of these sad events.

Destination Rocky Point: Building Homes for Those in Need

Destination Rocky Point: Building Homes for Those in Need. One of the three non-profits that we work with is an organization called 1mission. Their mission is to organize and bring people together to build homes for people in impoverished area of Mexico. Giving Back by Volunteering and Volunteering For Those in Need.

Suicide Cleanup is Our Job

Suicide Cleanup is Our Job. Suicide is one of the most unimaginable things for a family. It is an unexpected incident that can make any family feel numb and guilty. Also, it is also one of the major public health threat in the US. We travel throughout Arizona to cities like Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff. Free estimates!

Best Way To Test For Bacteria

Best Way To Test For Bacteria. With their uniquely engineered testing equipment, AZ-BIO can swab multiple locations inside a home or business to determine to what level the affected area is cleaned. It’s the same approach used by scientists to measure germs in labs, hospitals, and restaurants.

Best Safe Way To Cleanup Blood?

It does not involve merely cleaning of the affected area. It also involves disinfecting the area so that it should be free from pathogens. Pathogens can cause serious health problems and diseases. Due to this, proper sanitation is required.

How ATP Bacteria Testing Measures Cleanliness

How ATP Bacteria Testing Measures Cleanliness When you're dealing with biohazard cleanups, it's not okay for the site to just look clean. Only an ATP bacteria test can help you know for sure if the affected area is really clean of potentially harmful bacteria or...

AZ Bio expands to better serve Tucson, Southern Arizona

In 2015 AZ Bio Cleanup & Restoration (AZ Bio) expanded it's extreme cleanup capabilities to include in Tucson and all of Southern Arizona. Due in part to the region's appeal to retirees, AZ Bio has experienced an increase in demand for clean up of homes and...



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Phoenix Biohazard Cleanup Blogger

Biohazard Cleanup Blogger

Phoenix Biohazard Cleanup Blogger

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Arizona Biohazard Cleanup Blogger

Phoenix Biohazard Cleanup Blogger

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