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“During a difficult time in my life, losing a loved one, I needed a service done to my home immediately. A family member located the telephone number of AZ BIO in the phonebook. With the first call, they were there on the spot. They did not hesitate as to when they could start the job; the process started that same day. No matter how long the job took, they were there until it was finished. I would like to thank AZ BIO again for a job well done!!!”  —- Doris

Mesa Arizona Blood Cleanup

Mesa Arizona Blood Cleanup 

Blood spills can happen in many different ways. It can occur from a weapon wound, a fight, an injury, thru diarrhea caused by sickness or expelled from the abdomen through vomit. 

No matter its source the cleanup of blood is very complex. The cleaning can range from horrifying to simple and even in some instances, it can be complicated because of the strange spray and pooling patterns blood can be.

Blood is a most unusual liquid and the way it flows and travels is of the most unusual of nature. But no matter whom it came from or how it was expelled, the most important perspective from any cleaner is: does it contain a chronic illness or not?

Even if all reports show that the individual was healthy, there is still an absolute caution NEVER to assume that the blood is without chronic illness. A misdiagnosis in this field cause a lifelong chronic illness.

No cleanup is worth the risk. Therefore, all cleaners must cautiously assume the worst and the cleaner must proceed with care and caution.

Why should a family member not cleanup the blood of a loved one? The cleaning of blood is emotionally impacting.

Because it has a certain smell and because of how unusual the cleaning is, it is clearly unforgettable. The memory will linger on.

What special protective equipment is needed?

There are specialty suits (like Tyvek), rubber gloves, face masks, booties, safety glasses & caps.

What does OSHA say about employees whom are asked to clean blood spills?  

OSHA has a strict code that protects employees.

The basis of its guidelines are that the employee can only be asked to clean the blood-borne pathogens only if the are OSHA certified trained and the employer supplies all the protective equipment needed to perform the cleaning safely.

The guidelines are more extensive, but they are designed to protect the employee.

Mesa Arizona Blood Cleanup

Is bleach the best cleaner to use?

Bleach rarely used by industry professionals. Bleach has harsh odors that can impactful to breathing.

A too strongly mixed batch of bleach and water can impact the lungs.

The best cleaner for blood is a certified hospital grade cleaner.

One that is biodegradable and one that does not discolor the surface areas it cleans.

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Mesa Arizona Blood Cleanup

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