From Gangs to Jobs: Bowling for a Great Cause

I blogged a couple weeks ago about how AZ-BIO gives back to the community with our finances and physical help here: Destination Rocky Point: Building Homes for Those in Need

Another worthy organization that we like to help is Gangs to Jobs. Natividad Mendoza, the leader of this group and I have been friends for many years. I watched him grow from something small to helping a great many individuals find jobs after they were released from prison.

I have the honor to be vice-chairman of his board. I appreciate that they help newly released convicts receive training and then graduate from this program to find a job.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s department has a reentry program in jail for those prisoners just coming to their release date.

They teach those that are incarcerated life skills, job readiness and relationship repair.

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Fund Raiser
Fund Raiser

Bowling for a Great Cause

Natividad is one of the most successful felons that has been released in the United States. This amazing man has been incarcerated 16 times, so I think I am safe when I say no one else is better to run this organization.

He understands all that these prisoners are going through and what it takes to become successful in the outside. He also has become successful as a community service leader on so many levels.

Find Jobs Prisoners

This was our 3rd annual bowling event.

We collected much needed funds, so Gangs for Jobs could stay in business and continue helping those prisoners become successful in life and the lives of their loved ones.

I feel honored and blessed to be part of this organization and having Natividad in my life. 

Find Jobs Prisoners

For further information go to Gangs for Jobs or call Natividad at 602-384-0340 or email him at

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Gangs to Jobs. Bowling for a Great Cause

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