Our hat goes off to the Southern Arizona Hoarding Task Force (SAHTF) for leading the charge in helping people cope with hoarding by launching a support group called Buried in Treasures.

The hoarding support group meets every Tuesday at Abrams Public Health Center in Tucson. The cost is $10 and financial assistance is available for those who need it.

Susan Rubin is a former teacher receiving help through the program and admits she used to clean up before the cleaning lady came.

“I think it’s cause I was raised really, really poor,” Rubin said of her hoarding ways. “Your life will change when you can move through the house without stepping around things.”

Watch this news clip about the great work they are doing through the 20-week course to help hoarders overcome challenges they face.

Tucson News Now

Over the years, AZ Bio has cleaned up many, many homes where people became powerless over their compulsion to hoard. Unfortunately, it is not just the person who hoards affected by their disease. Family, friends and neighbors often suffer along with them. This program has great potential to improve the lives of so many people.

We give our thanks to SAHTF for taking on this important cause!

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