Inspirational Monday Memes

I have always wanted my company to stay connected with people on social media, but we didn’t want to promote our business in such an aggressive mode if we posted something three times a week.

We thought people would get overloaded by AZ-BIO promoting ourselves so much.

We got together with John Tarr, our graphic designer, and we came up with the idea of posting informative, AZ-BIO business-related posts on, Wednesdays. 

Then we would have him design inspirational memes for Mondays and Fridays.


We decided to make the first day of the workweek, Inspirational Monday.


That is what this blog today is about.

The last day of the workweek will be Leadership Fridays. 

That will be on a second blog post that we will make in the next few weeks.

We believe that people need an emotional lift throughout the week and do not need advertisements in their faces all the time.

Our graphic designer finds images from his library of photographs that he has taken (he was a professional photographer at one time) or he uses a photo stock agency to find appropriate images to go along with the quotes and saying that he uses.

John then places our small logo somewhere on the bottom of the meme, so people know it came from AZ-BIO.

We try mixing the memes up with humorous themes as well as serious ones to get a cross-section of feelings.

John uses an Adobe product called Illustrator to design these memes.

We post these memes to our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts using a social media tool called Hootsuite.

Hootsuite allows us to schedule all our social media at once to each of the different platforms on different days and times that we want them to be posted.


Inspirational Monday Memes

We hope these graphics help to uplift your spirits throughout the week and you enjoy the message that they convey.

Come and follows us on one or all three of our social media accounts.

We have have a great number of articles on what we do here at AZ-BIO Blogs

Inspirational Monday Memes


Feel free to ask us or any of our on-site technicians any questions you may have

Our company goal is to : help provide an estimate for your job, answer any questions and concerns you may have, help you figure out if any of your current insurance policies will help pay for services and complete the agreed tasks with quality and integrity.

Our second company goal is to: Treat each of our employees as family. Their not just a number but a person who deserves respect. We also see each employee as a leader of their family.

When we support an employee, we are also supporting a family. Therefore, their time and scheduling is completed with caution and care. Also, our company decisions not only affect employees, but also their families.

Finally, we are not only in the cleanup business, but we are also in the comfort business for people who have experienced trauma. We guarantee to work with customers until their job is clean and they are satisfied. To learn more about us visit our website at

Thanks for your time, from the team at Joe’s AZ-BIO

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Inspirational Monday Memes. Our company stay connected with people on social media. Facebook. LinkedIn. Instagram. Chandler. Gilbert. Tempe.

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