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Joe’s AZBIO Cleaning

The cleaning services we provide

Since 2005 our firm has performed thousands of cleanups pertaining to both biohazard and environmental contamination. Specifically they are services such crime scenes, homicides, suicides and unattended deaths; drug remediation labs; bacteria and virus disinfecting; and some environmental spills, to name a few.

We encourage you to take a closer look at our services and we accept your phone calls 24 hours a day. An operator is always available to explain your options.

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Joe's AZBIO Cleaning

Why we do what we do

If you are here a traumatic event has, more than likely, occurred in your life. From our very beginning 15 years ago, we knew from our own hardships, that a special, thoughtful and sensitive service is needed in this industry. We know how people, families and loved ones are effected.

We also know these situations are so rare and very unknown to the general public. So, we are here to not only serve and clean, but we are also here to educate and provide resources. We decided long ago that we would walk people thru the processes.  


1. Upon your initial phone call, we quickly assess your situation and we provide you a quick explanation on how we can help. How any service like ours should help you.

2.  We then help you understand if any one of your insurance policies can help pay for the services. In our 15 years of service, we have found out how each kind of the your various policies may help. Policies like homeowner’s, renter’s insurance or even auto insurance.

3. Since we are an immediate response company, so we can tell you how quickly we can arrive to the scene. We strive for 2-3 hours on location.

Our Cleaning Services

Coronavirus Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleanup

Unattended Death Cleanup

Vehicle Biohazard Cleanup

Infectious Disease Cleanup

Suicide Cleanup

ATP Bacteria Testing

Tear Gas Cleanup

Interior House Painting

A Message From Our Owner

Client Testimonials

“I would always recommend AZ BIO for their trauma clean-up services, professionally provided in the most extreme emotional circumstances. They were efficient, proficient, and went beyond the call of duty in their concern for my well-being.”.



“We received prompt and thorough work from AZ BIO when we were in need of assistance. They worked efficiently with little or no disruption to family members.” 

Doris & Peter

“I am deeply thankful for the expert, thorough cleaning at my home, and the kindnesses and consideration showed by the owner, Joseph while I was critically ill in the hospital. This service is invaluable. Thank you!” 


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Joe’s AZBIO Cleaning

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