New Contact Service We Now Provide

At Joe’s AZBIO we are always trying to find new ways of communicating with our clients and prospective clients.

We are now using an innovative way of using our contact form from our website.

Instead of sending the contact form to our business email it sends the form in a live text message to my cell phone in real time.

Now, if a prospective client has an urgent question or message for Joe’s AZBIO we can communicate instantly.

If you look to the far right side you will see the Orange “Text Us” button.

That is located not only here on this blog but every  page on our website.

Press that and it will take down the information you want us to recieve on our text message. 


There are two reasons why this service is important to many people:


Busy People

1.) Many times people are too busy to get on a lengthy phone calls to get prelim info. By texting, they get quick info. Then when they zero in then they tolerate a phone call to complete the order. They text early to get prelim answers.


Younger Generation

2.) We’re becoming an IM society and a younger generation is becoming MOST comfortable texting their communication.


Keeping these two things in mind.

Live texting allows me to be in communication right away instead of the questions going to my email and the time delay that brings.

Once the text message starts, with a ding on my cell phone, it lets me have a two-way conversation for however long we need right then and there.

People hesitate to call late or even in the middle of the night because of the hour but we run an urgent business that needs communication no matter the time of day.

Instant text messaging lets us do this with the minimum of disruption in our prospective client’s lives.

Since we have started this text messaging service on our website people have been very happy to use it in their particular case.

We strive to make people comfortable in these uncertain times especially when there has been a death in the family.

At Joe’s AZBIO we are always looking for new and innovative technology to help our customers as well as ourselves to function at a high level.


Go here if you want to to find out more about our Biohazard Cleaning business and the Different Services We Provide.


New Contact Service We Now Provide

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