2 to 3 Hour Response Time

We understand that the situation that led you to calling us may be traumatic and devastating, which is why we have optimized our onsite time to be within 2 to 3 hours*. The quicker we can get to you, the quicker the site is remediated and you can keep moving forward. All of our technicians are trained in preparation for making this 2-3 hour window and are scheduled on an “on call” basis.

For situations that are less stressful, we may discuss a next day appointment. Each situation is handled case by case.

* Some restrictions may apply. Distance of travel may add to the time.

Discreet Vehicles

As a business practice we have chosen not to advertise our name or services on our vehicles. We made this choice because your privacy is most important.

All of our vehicles are white, with just blue or blue and red striping (as shown in the photos).

If you would like us to not park in front of your home or place of business, please let us know. We always try to be accomodating in any way that we can.

Biohazard Cleaning Services

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