Out of town relatives

Out of Town Relatives


Have you found yourself needing services for a loved one who passed away in Arizona, but you live in a different state? As biohazard professionals, we have been servicing Arizona for the past 16 years. We have our system strategized to where we can work with you from wherever you are located.

First of all, we can show you how you can manage this from out of state. We’ve developed a tried-and-true methodology to perform tasks before you even arrive. Here’s a quick list:

1. Getting permission to enter forms signed via email.
2. Obtaining an estimate for you (same day).
3. Providing you a timeline of how long it will take to take to make the residence safe to
4. Even, assisting in locating insurance information if that is unknown to you.
5. If needed, scheduling a locksmith to enter unlock the premise (only with your written

Once we inspect what’s happening inside of the home, we quickly educate you on processes needed, estimated costs, and timelines to remedy the situation. We’ll answer any question that you have in order to help guide you in the right direction. From documenting before and after photos, providing all documents through Docusign, and working directly with an insurance company (if applicable), we can and will do it. Our technicians are top of the line and background checked and our communication channels are fluid and consistent. Our professionals really do care and our goal is to make this process seamless for you as the last thing that we want is for you to have to take time off work, spend costly fees on traveling back and forth, and having to see firsthand the traumatizing scene that may be waiting here in AZ

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