Ahwatukee Tear Gas Cleanup


Tear Gas Cleanup

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Ahwatukee Tear Gas Cleanup

What is Tear Gas?


Tear gas is usually used by police on homes or businesses. Canisters of tear gas are propelled out of a gun and shot through windows or openings. Many times, they slam into drywall and affecting the inner part of the building. The tear gas chemical will suspend in the air and effect the mucus membrane of a person or animal. Many times, police will shoot more than one canisters into an area.

There are 15 different types of tear gas but only three are regularly used; “CS”,”CN”, and “OC” with CS considered to be known as the “super” tear gas and used more often. “CN” tear gas is more toxic and extra precaution needs to be taken. “OC” is also known as Mace or Pepper Spray. It is important to know which tear gas you are dealing with.

What are the symptoms?


  • Burning and watering eyes
  • Coughing
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Chest pain
  • Burning and irritation of skin

It is best to leave tear gas cleanup…


…to the professionals who are trained for all types of biohazard cleanup like AZ-BIO. The effects on a building or a person will dissipate over time but tear gas in a building never completely goes away. If you do not use proper equipment cross contamination will happen and you will still have health issues if you try cleaning it yourself.


Tear Gas Cleanup the AZ-BIO way


Depending on the type of tear gas that was used a variation of clean method will be used. The following is a general procedure for cleaning of tear gas.


1.) First thing we do…

…is to put on the right protective gear. Full face respirator masks is a must along with clothing that will protect our bodies, hair and feet. 


2.) Ventilate the area completely…

…by opening all doors and windows. Active ventilation should be employed to exhaust the air from the building to the outdoors.  This active ventilation is usually best accomplished by arranging an exhaust fan to provide a constant flow of air in a single direction through the building to the outdoors. The exhaust fan should remain in operation until the total decontamination process is complete.


3.) Remove ALL material from the interior…

..of the building and vacuum of all crystalline residue then wash with a high ph cleaner.The same should be done to all the carpet in the same order. We use an industrial grade vacuum and cleaners to clean with.  Cloths should be washed with a laundry booster. If the tear gas canister imbedded itself into the drywall we will remove that section and seal the wood structure. We want to make sure ALL tear gas residue is removed and that your business or home is safe to use.


Call or email us so your family, friends and employees are protected from any and all effects from tear gas. AZ-BIO is bonded and insured with many years of experience in biohazard and tear gas cleanup. We will also help you navigate your insurance paperwork so you can get this cleanup done fast and efficiently as possible.

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