Crime Scene Cleanup


Crime Scene Cleanup

 Crime Scene (and other biohazard) Cleanups 

As you are here, a traumatic event has occurred in your life. We truly are sensitive to the nature of this business and how it affects people, families and loved ones. Our owner, Joe Trasser, has always emphasized that we first start off letting you know that these types are cleanups are unknown to the general public and so we try our best to help you understand how it works.

He also emphasizes we welcome your phone calls to inquire, with questions, as to how it works. Also, we emphasize no question is a wrong question. In addition, all our phone calls are answered by actual managers and/or senior technicians whom have all handled many of these situations.




Here’s how we try to help you quickly and urgently:

1. Upon your initial phone call, we quickly assess your situation and we provide you a quick explanation on how we can help. How any service like ours should help you.

2.  We then help you understand if any one of your insurance policies can help pay for the services. In our 15 years of service, we have found out how each kind of the your various policies may help. Policies like homeowner’s, renter’s insurance or even auto insurance.

3. Since we are an immediate response company, so we can tell you how quickly we can arrive to the scene. We strive for 2-3 hours on location.

“From the start, of all the companies I called, this one was the one who didn’t make it sound like a business service, but people I could trust. Our family was traumatized and they arrived so quickly, were really professional and put us at ease.”  ” thank Joe’s AZBIO again for a job well done! This company is a group of good people.”!!” —– Jim, in Gilbert

Why should a professional be employed?

There are three significant reasons why a professional should clean. First, the memory of any cleanup lingers in the mind for a very long time. It is even more impactful if the person is a family member. The longterm effect can be lingering since each of your human senses are effected: smell, sight, touch and sound. As time and years go past, little things can trigger the memory. It could be a similar smell in a building, a room with the same floor with the same colored walls, or it could be a small cut on the finger reminding of the bio cleanup from the past. Emotions will return. Each of our managers remeber their first cleanup like it was yesterday.

Secondly, OSHA has strict rules regarding whom can clean a biohazard mess. No employee, without proper bloodborne pathogen training can be employed. It is against OSHA laws and the employer could be in violation and could experience substantial fines against the business.

Third, training, certification and experience really does help prevent injury. Using wrong techniques or using wrong protective equipment could cause a longterm cronic illness. Our technicians have to assume every biohazard may possess cronic diseases like hepatitus, hiv or any other transferable disease. Proper protections are critical.

Crime Scene Cleaning

Our cleanup specialists not only Clean but also address the Odors

In the cleaning process we always analyze what airborne bacteria has occurred and what odors are present. We have several levels of remediating both. Some buildings require a fogging technique, while some others require air scrubbing machines and then some intense situations reuire both. We even assess if airducts may need cleaning as well. Without properly cleaning them, 

At Joe’s AZBIO we will always respond with an experienced manager on every scene. Experienced assessment is critical for full contamination removal. Each of our managers possess a minimum of two years of cleanup experiences providing them the professional knowledge necessary. Our managers also possess thorough training and proper certifications. Training is so essential.

Why we do this 

As a licensed contractor with an AZROC license, we could fix many buildings. We could remodel, or new build new houses, but what we found is we have a natural instinct for cleaning too. In such a way that allows us to blend both our contracting instincts with our cleaning instincts. It s a unique niche service. But also, we found it is so much more. Helping families, buinesses or property managers work thru such emotionally tragic experiences requires a certain level of care (that is rare). Our compassion eventually seaps thru. 

Joe’s AZBIO will make it look like nothing ever happened.

Were the good guys!

Crime Scene Cleanup

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Crime Scene Cleanup

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