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Unattended Death Cleaning Services

In An Unattended Death Situation, the person most likely died of natural causes. But when someone lives alone the death may go undiscovered for several days, or sometimes weeks, and on occasion even months.

Because the human body is made up primarily of liquids, upon death the body will begin to break down into a semi-liquid state called decomposition. When this occurs, not only are there a lot of fluids seeping around the body, but also bacteria and toxins that become airborne throughout the house.

The residence will fill with nauseating odors. These odors are very strong and can reach the point of being overwhelming. The odors cannot be eliminated by simply opening the windows and doors. Most often, they have embedded themselves in the home and must be professionally treated and removed by a professional Unattended Death Cleanup company.

Licensed Contractor

AZ-BIO Technicians Not Only Clean, but also Remove the Odors, but our company is a licensed contractor in Unattended Death Cleanup who can restore the home to a habitable condition. This allows the family, or estate representatives, to only have to make one call to remediate all aspects of the cleanup and restoration.

Joe’s AZBIO has serviced this industry for many years, and have performed hundreds of these cleanups. We are therefore very knowledgeable regarding how most insurance carriers’ processes and procedures work.

Unattended death cleanup

A Message From Our Owner

Unattended Death Cleanup

… specialists are trained experts who fully understand the proper methods for dealing with contaminated homes and know how to restore them.

Joe’s AZBIO recognize that families often need entry to the home, often times to find important papers, but cannot do so until a professional company like ours begins the process of getting the home under control.

Our company works closely with our clients to explain how the remediation processes work and inform them when the home is safe to enter.

Unattended Death Cleanup

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Unattended Death Cleanup
Unattended Death Cleanup
AZ-Bio Cleanup and Restoration,
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Certified Unattended Death Cleanup and Death Cleaning. Specializing decomposition removal, odors and smells, furniture cleaning.

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