Why We Changed Our Brand

Introducing Joe’s AZBIO


After being in business for over 15 years, we have decided to change the name of our biohazard cleaning company name & its color brand.

Since there was so much confusion about who we were and what we do, so we have made this change for the better and to clear up any confusion. Here’s our three reasons why:


1) Our name was much too similar to a Non-profit Bio-Industry Organization. Their web address is AZBIO.org, while our web address is AZ-BIO.com. 

Often, we would be confused with the Arizona Biohazard Association (AZBIO), which is involved in the science of the Bioindustry. They are a key component in Arizona’s life science ecosystem and the only statewide organization exclusively focused on Arizona’s bioscience industry.

Their membership includes patient advocacy organizations, life science innovators, educators, universities, healthcare partners, and leading business organizations.

We are a biohazard cleanup business that serves companies and individuals. Performing cleanups for crime scenes, suicides or unattended death. Our services also include virus and disinfecting cleaning of restaurants, businesses and large facilities.

People/potential customers were getting us confused because our names and our website domains were too similar to one another. You can see how people were having a hard time distinguishing between “AZBIO” (them) and “AZ-BIO” (us).


2) After 15 years many in the industry, so many have become familiar with our owner Joseph Trasser.

Everyone calls him Joe, so it is only fitting that the new name is Joe’s AZ-BIO. He has led our company and believes compassion to be an important part of our service because of the nature of our business.

We deal with a traumatic part of life, cleaning up after unattended death, suicide, homicide, crime, blood loss, and now Covid-19 or coronavirus contamination. 

In these situations, people need a shoulder to lean on and a familiar name to provide them with comfort and solutions to their serious problems. They need someone to trust and someone to operate with integrity.

They need a name to answer questions like, how are we going to clean this up professionally? Who pays for this service? Does insurance cover any of this? Can you provide us pricing integrity?

Joe has been that person to thousands of customers.

Joe has been serving customers for over 38 years and has a firm customer service philosophy: “Don’t sell our services, but educate what our services are and which are best available to them”. He always uses the quote: “People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care” (Ziglar).

That’s why he will personally walk you through the entire process and be there to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

Our experience and professionalism have taught us to treat each client with care and understanding.

No question is too uncomfortable for us.  


Why We Changed Our Brand

3) Joe’s AZ-BIO is Locally owned and a Family Business

Joe’s AZ-BIO is a local, family-oriented business in Tempe, AZ that serves all of central and southern Arizona. Joe’s AZ-BIO is a medium-size business that serves individual clients, not some big faceless conglomeration. When you call, you talk to our owner, Joe Trasser.

Why We Changed Our Brand


Since all of our professional field managers have been with our company for a long time, communication between office and field is invaluable.

Both, managers and our technicians, are well versed in many areas of biohazard cleanup, but all still work under Joe’s supervision. 

Being adaptable as a team is highly important. Communication goes back and forth throughout the whole job, until completed.

The big companies have no flexibility with their pricing and services. Most of the time they are very rigid with their guidelines. As a locally owned business, we have that flexibility and we adjust to the needs and not to a profit a margin. In addition, we will take as much time as is required to make sure you are satisfied and that the job is done right.

Feel free to ask us or any of our on-site technicians any questions you may have

Our company goal is to : help provide an estimate for your job, answer any questions and concerns you may have, help you figure out if any of your current insurance policies will help pay for services and complete the agreed tasks with quality and integrity.

Our second company goal is to: Treat each of our employees as family. Their not just a number but a person who deserves respect. We also see each employee as a leader of their family.

When we support an employee, we are also supporting a family. Therefore, their time and scheduling is completed with caution and care. Also, our company decisions not only affect employees, but also their families.

Finally, we are not only in the cleanup business, but we are also in the comfort business for people who have experienced trauma. We guarantee to work with customers until their job is clean and they are satisfied. To learn more about us visit our website at www.AZ-BIO.com.

Thanks for your time, from the team at Joe’s AZ-BIO


Why We Changed Our Brand

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